#1 Cochran Automotive buys first dealerships outside of Pa.

Cochran said she had a longstanding relationship with Blackann and the Sweeney family, which includes her father, Doug Sweeney.

“I got contacted and was like, ‘What are you thinking? After several discussions, we found that there were many similarities between the way they operated and what was important to them and what was important to us. I think it will.”

The Ohio acquisition follows the Q4 acquisition of Cochrane, the No. 1 company in 2022.

On October 24th, #1 Cochran acquired Thomas Team Honda of Johnstown, Pennsylvania from Thomas Automotive. car news.

“Thomas Team Honda was unique among Thomas dealers in that it did not own any property,” Thomas said in a statement. “For us, the opportunity to sell arose when the lease on the building was renewed.”

This is the #1 Cochran’s first Honda store, Cochran said. The dealership has been renamed #1 Cochran Honda Johnstown.

“We have been looking for opportunities for some time,” Cochrane said of Honda. “This is what I came up with, and I stepped a little east from where I’ve been to Johnstown historically.”

Cochrane said this is the group’s first store in Johnstown, east of Pittsburgh, in Altoona and southwest of State College.

Cochrane said the Honda acquisition was the group’s first since buying a Ford store in March 2022. The acquisition was Cochrane’s first in over three years.

#1 Cochrane ranks #61 car newsUpdated list of the top 150 US-based dealer groups with 14,195 new vehicles for sale in 2021.

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