10 Best European RWD Cars You Can Buy For Cheap

The debate about drivetrain dominance, or whether rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive is better, is probably as old as GM vs. Ford, automatic vs. manual transmission, Charger vs. Challenger. So what is rear wheel drive? A transmission system that transmits power from the engine to the rear wheels of the vehicle via a drive shaft.

A drive shaft (also known as a propeller shaft or propeller shaft) is the drivetrain component that transfers torque from the transmission to the differential. motion. RWD has an almost cult following among gearheads as the prize for more balanced handling and overall performance. It’s cheaper because it’s less complicated, but that’s not the only reason most drivers prefer it.

RWD promotes faster acceleration by shifting the weight of the vehicle to the rear when accelerating from a standstill. Rear-wheel drive also eliminates the torque steer problem common to front-wheel-drive vehicles, since there is no direct connection between the engine and the steering gear. So I fully understand why you need a European car and not just RWD. European automakers love to experiment with new technologies and vehicle features. Below are the top 10 cheapest RWDs in Europe. Secondhand car.

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Ten BMW Z3 Roadster – $4,890 to $44,950

car and bid

For starters, the Z3 hardtop hatchback coupe is as pristine as a convertible ‘roadster’. Both he is a two seater sports car produced between 1995 and 2002. The automaker describes it as the epitome of a long bonnet, short rear he ends, short front and rear overhangs, and a clean 1960s open-top sports car. Deep lines with emphasized wheel arches. Prices for pre-owned models range from $4,890 to $44,950 for him.

9 BMW 6 Series (E63) – $7,950 to $61,900

BMW 6 Series E63

The E63 BMW 6 Series is another Bavarian RWD you can buy cheaply used. Used prices for this handsome and classy grand tourer start at $7,950, and up to $61,900, according to the company. true carThe E63 GT Coupe is one of the cheapest rear-wheel drive cars on the market.

8 BMW 330i (E9X) – $10,927

2006 BMW E90 330i2

It’s easy to see why the E9x was featured on classic car websites. It wears old fashioned styling with heavy/firm hydraulic steering that is reminiscent of his previous E36 and E46 Bimmers. true car shows that used BMW 3 Series prices currently range from $2,599 to $62,995. classic dot com Identify the average price of the BMW 330i – E90 at $10,927.

Interesting Facts: The E9x was the first in the 3 Series series to feature run-flat tires, the first turbocharged gas engine (with the E92 335i), and the first to feature the brand’s iDrive OS, including navigation. was a pioneer of infotainment, and essential vehicle functions.

7 BMW E46 M3 – $10,980 to $124,750

BMW E46 M3 CSL front quarter view

Already surprised to see the M3 mentioned here but it’s not the Bimmer that dominates this list it’s essentially the best M car ever made One of the best-driving BMWs out there cannot be left out. true car shows prices for used BMW M3s currently ranging from $10,980 to $124,750.

6 BMW 2 Series – $12,981 to $30,995

BMW F22 2 Series
BMW Group Press Club

The 2 Series BMW, once rumored to be discontinued, has been in production since 2014. This was a spin-off two-door model of the BMW 1 Series. The first-generation 2-Series, internally designated F22/F33 as a coupe and convertible variant, is the RWD. Coupe produced his F87 BMW M2 with high performance. true car It shows prices for pre-owned 2014 BMW 2 Series currently range from $12,981 to $30,995. An exciting bargain considering the 228i and M 235i BMW 2 Series cost around $48,000 and $53,500 respectively.

Five 2005 Porsche Boxster (986) – $14,348

2002-2005 Porsche Boxster S (986)

Cheap RWD cars are hard to come by if your search term is “Cheap RWD Cars Europe”, but if you remove the word “cheap” they are not so hard to find. However, 986 Boxster is a cheap route to Porsche ownership. Keep in mind the rare but disastrous engine issues associated with the model. edmonds Shows used 2005 Porsche Boxster values ​​ranging from $5,431 to $14,348 depending on condition, options and mileage.

Four Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG R171 – $23,479

R171 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Offroad.
mercedes benz media

Introduced at the 74th Geneva International Motor Show, the R171 is the second-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK-class sold between 2004 and 2010. With an average price of $23,479, he is one of the cheapest RWD cars in Europe. However, current prices range from $14,995 to $48,999. True Cars.

3 Fiat 124 Spider – $25,275

red 2017 fiat 124 spider front view

The Fiat 124 is almost a rebadged Mazda Miata, consumer report says the Fiat has more comfortable seats and uses different suspension tuning to allow the car to lean slightly less to navigate corners. So the 124’s reliability should be on par with Japanese imports from the 80’s.according to true carprices for used Fiat 124 Spiders currently range from $14,950 to $34,995. consumer report Average prices range from $22,775 to $25,275.

2 Porsche Cayman 987 – $28,601

2009 Porsche Cayman

The Cayman 987 is another Porsche on this list of cheapest rear-wheel drive cars. 987 is the codename for the second generation Boxster, joined in 2005 by the new Cayman Fastback Coupe range (referred to internally as Project 987c).

The Cayman shared the Boxster’s mid-engined architecture and many other components such as the front fenders and trunk lid, doors, headlights, taillights and the forward part of the interior. classic dot com shows that the Cayman 987.1 has an average price of $28,601.

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1 2015 Mercedes C63 AMG – $43,499 and $43,499

2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Sedan, blue

For those looking for a compact or small RWD car, usa news confirms that the 2015 C-Class is a pre-owned luxury compact car that offers reliable performance but has a poor reliability rating. edmonds A used 2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG is priced between $43,499 and $43,499 with odometer readings between 73,885 and 73,885 miles.

Source: Consumer Reports, Classic.com, Edmunds, TrueCars

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