10 Reasons Why The Lamborghini Espada Is The Weirdest Lamborghini Ever Made

Somewhere between 1968 and 1978, lamborghini Debuting an incredibly unique Grand Tourer sports car that looks like a love affair between a Ferrari Daytona and an Aston Martin DB5. The name of the car is Lamborghini Espada. The Espada is his first Lamborghini four-seater with quirky styling, a powerful engine and a luxurious interior. It defies expectations and defies convention with its sleekness and unexpected design choices.

The Espada was a true attention-getting car that grabbed attention and left a lasting impression. This was a car that stood out from the crowd without being afraid to be different. At first glance, the Espada wore a futuristic body suitable for that generation. Its long and wide proportions have its own character, but the design elements remain unmistakably Lamborghini. But why does it deserve the title of “Weirdest Ever Made”? Here are 10 reasons.

Ten Lamborghini Espada was a hatchback

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A unique blend of sports car and luxury tourer, the Lamborghini Espada featured a shooting brake design unlike any other in the Lamborghini line-up. This unexpected hatchback design was completely alien to car enthusiasts.

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Not only did it add a unique aesthetic to the car, but it also offered practicality and functionality not found in other sports cars. The Espada’s hatchback design sets it apart from conventional sporting his cars and is recognized as the strangest Lamborghini ever built.

9 Lamborghini Espada trunk was transparent

1968 - Lamborghini - Espada
Source: W Supercar

The Espada’s transparent trunk is just a masterpiece. Many gearheads thought Toyota’s Prius was weird with a transparent trunk cover, but surprisingly, it was the Espada that implemented this weird design.

A transparent trunk was a unique feature of the luxury cars of the time, adding to the overall quirkiness and uniqueness. This feature of the vehicle made it visually striking and unconventional, and he has been rated as one of the strangest and most memorable Lamborghinis ever made.

8 The name Lamborghini Espada comes from a sword

lamborghini sword logo
Via: Flickr

The car’s name, Espada, which means sword in Spanish, adds to its strange aura. The name was apt, as its sleek and powerful design evoked a deadly weapon, adding an air of aggression and power to the vehicle. Even the logo represents a sword that cuts through the name.

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The name Espada emphasized the car’s daring and unconventional nature. Whatever the case, this beauty is one of its most majestic forms.

7 Lamborghini Espada had two hidden fuel caps

lamborghini espada fuel cap
Via: Motorhood

The Espada had two hidden fuel caps, adding mystery and uniqueness to its design. Two hidden fuel caps connected him to one tank so he could refuel from either side without worrying about how to enter the gas station.

Beneath what appeared to be a vent was a disguised fuel cap. This subtle but effective way of increasing the car’s exclusivity made it stand out as one of his odd four-wheelers.

6 As a luxury tourer, the Lamborghini Espada used minimal wood.

lambo sword interior
Via Kidston SA

In contrast to other luxury tourers of the time, the Espada favored a more sporty and comfortable aesthetic, with minimal use of wood in the interior. Instead of relying on traditional materials, Espada has taken a more contemporary and forward-thinking approach, creating an interior that exudes sophistication and style. The minimal use of wood in the Espada’s interior underscores the car’s focus on performance and innovation, making it a standout among luxury his tourers.

Five Lamborghini Espada had fail-safe manual window rollers

Lamborghini Espada door panel
Via: Beverly Hills Car Club

The Lamborghini Espada had power windows, but they had small cutouts in the door panels that acted as fail-safe manual window openers. Even if the power went out or the electronics failed, I never felt stranded because I had the option to manually rotate the windows.

The car came with a tool that could be inserted into a small hole to turn the window. This feature is hilarious, as 1970s Lamborghini electronics had questionable reliability.

Four Lamborghini Espada’s steering wheel was strangely tilted

lamborghini espada interior
Via: Hemmings

This innovative feature allowed drivers to adjust the steering wheel to their preferred angle, providing a more ergonomic and personalized driving experience. I had to pull the handle up and down hard to adjust it.

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Unlike modern steering wheel tilt functions, that’s how it worked on the Espada. The quirkiness of the steering wheel added to the car’s overall charm and character, setting the Espada apart from other Lamborghinis and providing an unparalleled driving experience.

3 Lamborghini Espada adopts driver-centric control layout

1968-1978 Lamborghini Espada
lamborghini street

The Espada’s controls are a symphony of form and function, perfectly tuned for the pleasure of the driver. Each button and switch was carefully placed like a sheet of music notes to keep all essential functions accessible while driving. This design choice enhances the car’s practicality and overall aesthetics, making it a truly alienating beauty compared to other Lamborghini models.

2 The rear seat of the Lamborghini Espada was unusual

1976 - Lamborghini - Espada - Series - III - Coupe
Via Lambo Cars

The Espada incorporated an unusual 2+2 configuration, with two bucket seats in front and two smaller seats in the back suitable for small children or adults with limited mobility.

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If that wasn’t weird enough, these rear seats are works of art, crafted with unique and playful shapes that add an element of surprise and delight to the car’s overall design. Due to this, the Espada was both a luxury car and the whole experience.

1 Lamborghini Espada’s lap belt and shoulder belt were separate

Via sports car market

The Espada flaunted innovative safety features and separation of the lap and shoulder belts. Unusual for luxury cars of the time, this feature enhanced the car’s overall safety and emphasized its unique and quirky design. Separate lap belts and shoulder belts further protected passengers, making the ride safer and more comfortable. This feature further cements his position as one of the most distinctive and unique Lamborghini models ever made.

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