10 Used Models To Buy In 2023

Honda Civic is one of the best used car models on the market. Reliable, affordable and well made. And it has held that position for literally decades, first impressing car buyers in 1973 as a compact car for its reliability and fuel efficiency.

The Civic takes its name from its original 1973 engine. HondaThis was the Japanese designed configuration of the standard internal combustion engine called CVCC. Abbreviation for compound vortex control combustion. Its innovative design made it an effective answer to the price of the 1973 oil crisis. This configuration could use both unleaded and leaded petrol and burned efficiently. Simply put, a modest compact car in 1973 got 40 mpg.

The Civic also holds its longevity accolades. It’s not uncommon for this model to be his 10+ years and show his 300,000 miles on the odometer. It’s a different model year, but that’s why we’re here today. Besides, it has excellent fuel economy and almost painless maintenance requirements. Not to mention, the Civic is also known for being one of Honda’s most popular modified models. Read on to find the years and generations of the most reliable used Honda Civics to buy and modify.

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Ten 1998 Honda Civic – $2,360


1998 was an outstanding model year for the Civic, largely due to fuel efficiency and reliability. Edmunds reports that nearly all owners report no mechanical problems. Overall, the 1998 Honda Civic was not only efficient and reliable, it was also well built, performed well, was reasonably priced, and offered great value for the dollar.

A 1998 Honda Civic is one model year short of getting the 1999 factory CD player and keyless unlocking system, but some say this iteration can go over 400,000 miles. KBB) owner gave this car 4.6 out of 5 stars.

9 2000 Honda Civic Si – $4,624

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Edmunds says the 2000 Civic Si is “excellent value.” It’s roomy for its class, and for a compact car it’s as affordable to drive as it is to own. He is one of the most popular economy cars in the US. One reason is that you don’t have to go to an auto body shop just because you drive a lot.

The Si is the 6th generation performance model. Almost everyone agrees that the Si is fun to drive. A sporty suspension and disc brakes enhance the experience. Since this is such a popular retrofit model, it is possible that some of these optimized JDM versions of him will hit the used car market. If a modded Honda Civic is your thing, big deal.

8 2005 Honda Civic Si – $5,496

2005 Honda Civic Si
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A joy to drive and a very practical car, the 2005 Honda Civic Si offers the best of both worlds. Affordable and reliable, under the hood he packs 160 horsepower. The 2005 Sport Injection (Si) trim is a hatchback with a rear spoiler.

The 2005 Si has a 2.0 L inline 4 double overhead camshaft (DOHC) engine with i-VTEC. As the final model of the 7th generation Civic Si, the problems of the previous generation have been resolved. Additionally, it comes with a moonroof and remote entry system. With no automatic transmission option, only manual gearshift enthusiasts will prefer the 2005 Honda Civic Si.

7 2011 Honda Civic – $4,067

2011 Honda Civic Silver
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Like most Civic models, the 2011 can be used in a sedan or coupé and has excellent fuel economy. 2011 Honda Civic gets his 36 MPG on the highway.It’s a practical choice if you’re looking for something reliable Secondhand car.

Acceleration and handling that catches your eye in daily driving. It runs smoothly with little engine noise. That’s great too. The 2011 body design looks fresh with timeless and sophisticated styling.

6 2013 Honda Civic – $13,064


The 2013 Honda Civic introduces not only performance and efficiency, but also specialized technology. The rear camera is also new, as are high-tech features such as traction control. The system can respond to unstable road conditions by braking individual wheels to restore traction. Fuel efficiency is the envy. The 2013 model gets him 39 MPG on the highway.

New lightweight steel adds strength to the body structure and increases occupant protection. Navigation is standard equipment. And to seal the deal, the 2013 Honda Civic won his JD Power’s 2013 Quality Award.

Five 2014 Honda Civic EX-L — $14,496


For 2014, more safety and technology features are standard. The 2014 Honda Civic EX-L included Blind Spot Alert, Rear Head Curtain Airbags, and Side View Cameras in the sedan.

In addition to improved safety and performance, the sportier EX-L Coupe came with fog lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, leather upholstery, keyless ignition and entry. Fuel economy is enhanced by Honda’s new continuously variable transmission (CVT). Finally, handling has been enhanced on this model. Edmonds said the 2014 Civic was “one of the best cars you can buy”.

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Four 2015 Honda Civic – $14,087

2015 Honda Civic

The 2015 Civic inherits 9th generation additions in safety, performance, design and handling. KBB named the 2015 Honda Civic the year’s highest-rated compact car and the ‘Best Buy of 2015’.

KBB also praised the model year’s “spirited driving manners”. In line with the characteristics expected of a Civic, KBB says his 2015 model is efficient, economical and reliable.

3 2019 Honda Civic – $20,350

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Moving on to its 10th generation iteration, the 2019 Honda Civic has new features that make it one of the best Civic models. It doesn’t look like a compact car anymore, but it still gets great gas mileage. The base model Civic LX sedan comes standard with a rear-view camera, air conditioning, and side-view Honda Sensing.

KBB likes the way it drives and feels the Civic brand is superior to its competitors’ brands. The 2019 Honda Civic won the KBB Best Buy Award in the compact car category.

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2 2020 Honda Civic – $20,995

The 2020 Honda Civic is one of the bigger compacts in its segment

The 2020 Honda Civic picks up where it left off with impressive standard tech offerings for 2019. Outrunning its compact class competitors, the 2020 Civic has been praised for its amount of technical equipment and its build quality.Edmunds also likes it in terms of gas mileage, making his 2020 Honda Civic his 2020 Designated as the Best Gas Mileage Car of the year.

The build options for this model are a plus. This generation Civic is available in hybrid. New for 2020 is his optional 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that beefs up the engine while improving fuel economy. As for the hatchback trim, the exterior styling has improved. JDM fans will love this trim.

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1 2021 Honda Civic – $21,050

2021 Honda Civic

The applause for the 2021 Honda Civic sedan model year was widely heard. Dynamic performance and agile driving, this sporty compact car has it all. It has a comfortable ride and plenty of room inside. Top class among Honda Civics. KBB rated his 2021 Honda Civic and gave him his best buy award. in the meantime, usa news has been named a finalist in the 2021 Best Compact Car for the Money Awards.

The hybrid and Si will be discontinued in 2021, but not only the sedan but also the hatchback are available. A JDM purchaser may prefer the optional manual his transmission.

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