$136,000 Stolen By Joliet Walmart Employee: Forfeiture

JOLIET, IL — A 47-year-old employee of the Joliet Walmart store on West Jefferson Street has had his 2015 Jeep Cherokee confiscated following an audit. Melissa VanderWaal New court filings show he stole $135,988 from a store on Nov. 27.

A forfeiture complaint was filed in Will County Court.

On December 15, a Will County grand jury indicted Vanderwall with two felony counts of larceny and burglary, following a Joliet police investigation. A Grundy County woman who lives on the 1900 block of West Grand Ridge Road in Mazon has not been detained by Will County authorities. is not.

This week’s Will County forfeiture complaint provides extensive details about the criminal proceedings against VanderWaal.

According to the forfeiture documents:

  • On November 29, Joliet Police Officer Matt Pesse was summoned to the Walmart store at 2424 West Jefferson Street to investigate a previous theft. A Loss Prevention employee told Pesce that Vanderwall stole the money from two different cash recyclers. A cash recycler is like his ATM, which retailers use to refill cash registers.
  • The General Manager of Joliet Walmart notified Joliet Police of deposits at a cash recycler on November 25 and November 26.
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  • Between 3:33 and 3:38 pm on November 27, video surveillance footage was shown of Vanderwall emptying two cash recyclers and placing the cash into reusable Walmart shopping bags. rice field.
  • Before leaving the store on Nov. 27, Vanderwall handed over her “manager” key to a fellow supervisor at Walmart, claiming a family emergency.
  • VanderWaal then walked out of the store with the cash and drove off in the blue Jeep Cherokee that was the subject of Will County’s civil forfeiture filing this week.

The forfeiture complaint says a Walmart employee later spoke with Vanderwall’s daughter, who called the store looking for her mother. VanderWaal’s daughter told a store employee that when she went to her mother’s property in Mazon, she found a note on the door that read, “I’m gone. The house is foreclosed on.” said.

Officer Peche later learned that Walmart’s wealth protection coach had conducted an audit of the cash recyclers and found that the remaining cash recyclers had lost $31,003. The cash recycler on the right has lost him $21,499 and he has also lost $83,486 in cash from deposits held at the cash recycler.

A deposit of $83,486 was due for the pickup of an armored vehicle to be delivered to the bank.

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Joliet police learned that VanderWaal “emptied both cassettes containing $20 and $100 bills and cassettes containing overflowing cash from each machine.”

“In total, Melissa received four cassettes’ worth of cash totaling $135,988,” noted the Jeep’s forfeiture.

Now Glasgow prosecutors have told Will County judges that VanderWaal’s 2015 Jeep Cherokee was being used by police to travel to and from where the robbery took place and to take the proceeds away. We are asking you to declare it as forfeited property. From the scene, court records are reflected.

A civil forfeiture hearing is scheduled for February 8 in Will County Court.

As for VanderWaal, her two felony charges remain pending because she is not in custody.

A Joliet police arrest warrant dated November 30 listed her employer as Walmart.

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