2022 Was the Year of Automotive Recalls

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This year we broke the record for the most recall In the US, it spans many industries. More than 1 billion products will be recalled in 2022, from cars and electronics to food and medicine, according to He. United States of America todayand the year is not over yet.

research It has been suggested that many of these recalls were the result of post-pandemic supply chain disruptions, but an analysis of the data suggests why so many new vehicles are at risk of catching fire. will probably take some time to figure out. Or lose a wheel or stall on the highway in 2022.

data from National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau Counted over 1,000 cars (or car-related) recall Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler Trucks were the most recalled with 67, 45 and 42 respectively. Much of that data US distributor website.

Below is a partial list of vehicle recalls we have covered since the beginning of 2022. This list is by no means exhaustive, but includes many of the high-profile recalls.

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