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Canada’s auto sector started the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic with hope, but protesters against restrictions, virus flare-ups and continued supply chain disruptions (amplified by Russia’s war on Ukraine) ), the idea of ​​a sales recovery has been prolonged. future.

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General Motors not only reopened its Oshawa assembly plant to produce Chevrolet pickups, it was also facing a crisis of male dominance in car manufacturing. car news canada Of the 1,200 workers hired to restart the factory, half were reportedly women. The company was able to use the reboot to reset its workforce and capitalize on diversity. ••• The industry mourned the death of his Linamar founder, Frank Hasenfratz, who turned his $1,000 lathe into a global auto parts company from 1964. A member of the Knights of Canada he died on 8 January at the age of 86. Linamar is run by his daughter Linda Hasenfratz and is worth $5.8 billion. “He was a giant among us,” she said at his funeral on Jan. 15. He will miss you immeasurably. Automakers and dealers were preparing for 2022, which was predicted to be very similar to 2021, when 1.66 million vehicles were sold (a 7% increase over 2020). rice field. Dealers were anticipating a tough first quarter as they turned to vacant lots due to shortages of critical components. ••• It’s been another tough year for the country’s auto shows as pandemic-related government restrictions have forced all to cancel.


After less than a week, the Canadian automotive sector was at a standstill for six days in February. Protesters against the restrictions have blocked the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit, halting transportation vital to the Canadian and U.S. auto industries. Estimates of damage to the sector’s economy ranged from $383 million to more than $1 billion he said, but it’s likely that automakers will be less likely to invest in the Canadian sector for fear of another lockdown. Industry watchers feared the damage would be much longer lasting.


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