2023 CES: Supplier concept cars, morphing surfaces and more

A lot has changed for auto suppliers in the three years since they last convened at the all-in-one CES in Las Vegas.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the seemingly endless sourcing challenges the industry has been dealing with and the accelerating shift to electric vehicles have forced suppliers to rethink their supply chains and ponder their role in this new world. are compelled to do so.

CES also provides a broad platform for suppliers to present their vision for the future. It looks like you are making progress.

“CES has long been a major focus of innovation and cutting-edge technology, and its importance has extended beyond consumer electronics,” said Yves Andres, member of Hella’s board of directors, in a statement.

Key suppliers at this year’s CES, including Robert Bosch, ZF Group, Continental and Valeo, will hold press conferences detailing their next steps.

Other companies will also be exhibiting on the show floor and in nearby hotels and resorts, welcoming customers and journalists at booths showcasing new technologies during this week’s event.

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