2023 Ford Maverick Tremor review: More might off road

“The Ford Maverick is the mini-truck America needs to unclog boulevards and parking lots full of oversized 4-by-4s. Tremor off-road package.

“Like its Badlands brethren, the Tremor is the only member of the Maverick family to feature an all-wheel drive system with a torque-vectoring rear differential. Falken WildPeak all-terrain tires with aggressive treads, 30 inches deep. With Tremor, the Tremor is well-equipped to crawl, move over, and pass through rocky, sticky, or slippery surfaces. & Ruts, Rock Crawl, Sand and more.

“Don’t confuse the Maverick with a purpose-built off-roader like the Jeep Gladiator, or even equate it with its body-on-frame cousin the Ranger. It doesn’t get you far in difficult trail systems.But it has hardware to deal with obstacles that most owners would shy away from.

“We didn’t get a chance to push the entry-level Tremor to its limits, but we took it off the beaten path and got the other end pretty dirty. and recalibrated front and rear springs. We felt the all-wheel-drive setup efficiently transfer power to the wheels with traction.

“We enjoyed driving the Maverick Tremor as mundanely as we tossed it on the trail. That duality makes it an attractive package. Indeed, its force-fed 4 Pot buzz is pretty loud at idle and gets rougher with heavy use of the throttle, engine roar echoing through the cabin. It is.”

— Eric Stafford, car and driver

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