2023 Honda Pilot reviews: Solid on road, off pavement

“The new Trailsport is great and the pilot’s cabin is nicer for both driver and passenger, but in many ways this 4th generation model isn’t all that new or modern. Think powertrain. Honda is moving from a single overhead cam 3.5-liter V-6 to a dual overhead cam design that claims to reduce NOx and particulate matter emissions by 40% and 50% respectively. But, frankly, it means a jackpot to consumers who are likely to consider a modest increase… power output (from 280 to 285 hp), unchanged 262 lb-ft of torque, and a nasty deterioration efficiency.

“All pilots will be less efficient in 2023, even a model-first 10-speed automatic.

“I can forgive the slight loss in efficiency even if there is a significant performance hit, but frankly, like all three-row SUVs, barring the weirdness of the Ford Explorer ST, In town, the performance degrades as the V6 goes low-speed, but the end torque is enough to take the 3-row springs off the line. Ask it to scoot and it takes a second to build a head of steam. % too large.

“But the new 10-speed automatic is a marked improvement. Upshifts in the new gearbox are barely noticeable and downshifts are almost effortless. I’ve noticed a tendency, but it hasn’t been a problem, the transmission is unobtrusive in all circumstances.

“I can forgive the efficiency loss even if it has a huge impact on performance, but frankly, like all other three-row SUVs, barring some quirkiness like the Ford Explorer ST, the Pilot The performance of is good enough at best.

“Frankly, the new Pilot’s tech solution doesn’t feel like a new mass-produced product. It’s small Colleagues argue with me about this but I don’t really care about Honda’s infotainment Honda’s infotainment is better than the previous system Coffee is close to petrol Better than the brown swill of the stand.Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come standard, at least on the big screen.”

—Brandon Turquoise, motor1.com

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