2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Review, First Drive

Hyundai Grand i10. The manufacturer’s mini-hatchback, which aims at heavyweight champions such as Tata Tiago and Marty Swift, is finally test driven. Hyundai has an aggressive strategy to launch vehicles this year, which will essentially be updated models that meet this year’s safety, emissions and CAFE standards. This hatchback is no exception. The Grand i10 Nios is ready for RDE compliance along with his E20 fuel regulations which help the brand meet his CAFE standards. Inside and out, it has what it takes to impress an array of consumers as usual. For now we are only testing the manual version of 1.2 Kappa Motor. Find out what the 2023 Grand i10 Nios does and doesn’t offer prospective buyers.

Although the mini hatchback looks like a 3.8-meter car, it is the most compact in its class. The design elements of the car stand out. The build quality on the outside looks good, but as we know most Hyundai cars don’t score top marks in crash tests, but more on that later.15 Inch diamond-cut wheels, conventional headlamps, new tail lamps that use LEDs, and rear reflective bars create a sense of luxury. A new large grille with Y-shaped LED DRL is inspired by the Elantra and stands out with its extraordinary brilliance.


Inside, the build and quality are good, as is the extensive feature list we talked about in our launch report. It’s not fully spec’d like the.From the blue sense to the automatic lights to the wipers to the rearview camera to the sunroof, this car has it all. Will it all work out? Yes, it is! So no complaints there! Space is like any other Hyundai vehicle, with facelifted versions without the expected lack of extra shoulder and knee room.


Legs and headroom remain good. Trunk space is good by segment standards. Road and wind noise in the cabin are also well controlled, unlike most other budget cars, especially the Swift. The safety kit continues to be high with electronic stability control, with six airbags for the higher variants and hill hold assist for the automatic variants. Equipped with ABS and EBD with 4 airbags as standard.


All Hyundai engines are smooth, free-revving and have low NVH, and the Grand i10’s engine is no exception. Any part of the rotation range will do. The motor’s 83 PS and 113 Nm of torque are comparable. However, it’s the refinement, especially at and below the redline, that’s gotten a big boost this time around. Like the bigger Hyundai, it’s more calm and easier to drive. Also, since the clutch is light, the manual gearbox to operate is also light.


This makes the Grand i10 Nios good enough for city use, but not enough for highway use. The naturally aspirated 1.2 petrol offers excellent midrange and mediocre low-end and top-end power. It’s good enough, too, and cruises easily at legal speed. Driveability is better than before, even though I had no complaints before.


14 km/l on a naturally aspirated 1.2 petrol in the city is better than the 12 km/l we saw last time. Highway efficiency is improved by 25-30%, depending on driving style. I could see 15km/l lightly on the heavy expressway. It can reach high easily. MRF Ecotred tires are used to help with the extra fuel economy currently offered.


Like most Hyundai cars, it has a good low-to-mid ride, but the high-speed ride has a bit of vertical movement. Sometimes that means more body roll as speed increases. The steering is light, hardly precise, and the feedback provided is almost negligible, so the car either isn’t as fun or you have to push harder with 100% confidence. If so, bigger wheels will help you do that, and with four passengers on board, the suspension is a little better at decent driving speeds. Braking is good and pedal bite is good. Overall, it’s pretty easy to drive, but not the most fun to drive compared to both of its main rivals.

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Review, Verdict


The Hyundai Grand i10 Nios gets everything from the brand that can be loaded into this budget hatchback. The Grand i10 Nios remains the easiest and calmest to drive in its class due to its short footprint in all areas of the hatchback. Light control makes driving less of a burden in a crowded city, and comfort is as good as ever. The design has undergone enough changes to make it stand out from the outside. The interior is packed with everything possible. With only one powertrain, the hatchback is only an option for city dwellers. Hyundai has fixed the fuel economy that was previously an issue for this particular engine. Aside from that, the pricing makes it ideal for easy consideration of this hatchback that has what it takes to become one of the best-sellers in its segment.

2023 Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Review, First Drive
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