2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV reviews: The ultimate throne goes green

“If you’re paying over $126,000 for an EQS 580 4MATIC SUV, it’s understandable to be a little picky. Range, technology and flexibility rule the roost here. It was just a matter of replacing it with , but its days are far behind.

“It’s an SUV, but it’s not the aesthetic we’ve come to associate with this category. Traditionally, SUVs are big, utilitarian and boxy. Think Mercedes’ own GLE and GLC. The challenge here is that square sides aren’t exactly aerodynamically friendly.

“So the EQS SUV is a softer version of a familiar design. The slightly tapered roofline has hints of a hatchback, but I doubt Mercedes will take my word for it. Very sleek detailing characterizes the Fared-like faux grille and plush butt, inherited from its brother’s sedan.

“As a result, it’s a little less practical than the automaker’s other large SUVs. The EQS SUV seats five or optionally seven, and with all seats up, it’s 23 cu-ft, or It has 74 cu-ft of cargo space, in contrast the GLE is over 7 inches shorter yet has over 33 cu-ft of cargo space with all seats up.

— Chris Davis, Slash Gear

Maximum torque

“The lightest of the three SUVs, the 450+ is still a huge beast at 5,963 pounds. But it proved to be incredibly fast off the line, launching to 60 in 6.5 seconds. Electric motor kicks in Believe in the fact that you’ll hit peak torque the moment you step in. The drivetrain didn’t stop as we headed off the I-70 and into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

“With limited time, we decided to pull out the top-of-the-line EQS 580 4Matic next. More 6,228 horsepower and torque were immediately available, reducing the 0-60 launch time to the factory rated 4.5 seconds. It was impressive enough, but its power became even more apparent when doing a fast pass on the interstate.

“The real test came when we hit one of the windy trails into the Rocky Mountains. Body roll proved to be predictable.For that, we credit the SUV’s standard Airmatic air suspension and adaptive damping system.The battery pack’s low mounting position also means a significantly higher center of gravity compared to the GLS crossover. Lowers — helps provide a nearly 50:50 weight distribution.

“The one-pedal drive mode was also helpful, just putting my foot on the throttle and found the occasional need to hit the brakes mostly after blowing long straights, especially when approaching sharp corners It takes time to learn how to do it, but I personally wouldn’t buy an EV that can’t be driven with one pedal.

“The real surprise was that after about 90 minutes out of Denver we caught up with our guides in a Mercedes and off onto the back trails that the local adventure companies usually use. Switching to off-road mode, the electric 4Matic system allows the vehicle to work Loose dirt, steep rubble-strewn hills, moguls, sharp turns.”

— Paul A. Eisenstein, Detroit Bureau

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