2023 NADA Chairman: ‘Auto dealers know how to compete’

“Automakers often don’t realize how complicated it is to sell a car,” he said, although some build so-called omnichannels with ‘order now’ buttons. I believe that doing so is a surefire way to increase sales.

“There are hundreds of steps before the keys are handed over to the customer,” says Pohanka.

Pohanka acknowledged the collective desire to be part of the growing market for EVs, which he said was driven by consumer demand but involved government regulations that were difficult for OEMs.

He said such regulations could “financially exhaust” some manufacturers.

Also, the rising cost of commodities to make the batteries will make EVs more expensive, pushing some consumers out of the market and either buying a used car or leaving what is already in the driveway. be forced to leave

“It’s not good for the economy, the environment, or public safety,” Pohanka said.

He argued that direct-selling brands (which he calls wolves at the door) should be held accountable to the same laws and regulations as everyone else.

“The grass on the other side isn’t green,” he said. “Where you water it, it’s greener.

“We can borrow the best ideas from franchise competitors and combine them with our own strengths. We can double down on what we do best and compete,” said Pohanka.

“Car dealers know how to compete.”

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