2023 Volkswagen ID.3 Facelift Spied For The First Time

The lineup of ID-dedicated electric vehicles based on the MEB platform has expanded to six models, including the upcoming ID.7 sedan. It all started with his compact hatchback, the ID.3, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019. However, customer deliveries started about a year later, so the already announced facelift is relatively early in the life cycle.

It appears to be a minor update for the small EV, as teaser sketches released in early December 2022 showed modest tweaks. Fast forward to today and our spies found a revised EV test prototype in the cold with limited changes to the front fascia. The bumper’s honeycomb structure was removed to give the ID.3 a more conventional look, similar to his VW’s combustion engine car.

The newly obtained vertical air curtain should help aerodynamics and improve efficiency. The lower air intakes are cleverly camouflaged, making it look like they stretch upwards in the corners, even though they are actually flat in design. Its lower part also differs from what the prototype suggests, just as the official teaser showed that the air intake tapers off at the bottom.

VW even went so far as to say this would be a second-generation model, but apparently it’s not. It has already announced that it will replace it with a larger 12-inch display. Additionally, the center console incorporates two cup holders and the cargo area also has a removable compartment floor.

The Wolfsburg-based company says the 2023 ID.3 will feature a higher-quality interior and improved software to make up for the teething issues that plagued the Golf Mk VIII at launch. It has been repeatedly confirmed that the ID.X hot hatch concept will enter production, so this facelifted version should have something for enthusiasts too.

Volkswagen has enough orders to keep the factory busy for a while with the pre-facelift model, so anyone who orders new in Germany should receive the updated version in the fourth quarter of 2023. will be The slightly modified ID.3 starts at €43,995 in preconfigured Life, Business, Style, Max and Tour trim levels.

To meet strong demand, Volkswagen will also assemble EVs in Wolfsburg. After production started at the Zwickau plant in late 2019, an electric hatch was added to the assembly line at the Dresden plant, where the Phaeton was built, in early 2021.

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