2024 Polestar 2 Gains Range and Power, Base Model Switches to RWD

  • Polestar is updating the 2 for model year 2024, adding more range and power.
  • The base model, which until now had a motor in the front wheels, now has rear-wheel drive.
  • Range increases to 300 miles for the single-motor version and 270 miles for the dual-motor version.

Polestar has continuously improved its 2 electric vehicles since its debut. For model year 2024, the four-door hatchback has several significant revisions that improve its range and power output. There are also some visual differences and additional equipment.

Power has been improved across the board, with the base single-motor model increasing from 231 hp to a maximum of 299 hp, the dual-motor model increasing from 408 hp to 421 hp, and the 2 with the Performance Package offering 455 hp. More importantly, single-motor cars now have electric motors powering the rear wheels instead of the front. Even all-wheel-drive dual-motor models now have more rear-he bias, says Polestar, and the front motor can disengage under certain circumstances. The company claims each model is faster than its predecessor, and we’ll drive the updated cars to see how the move to rear-wheel drive (and the reconfigured AWD system) affects handling. I look forward to checking it out.

A larger battery for a single-motor car extends the range from 270 miles to 300 miles. The dual-motor car has the same battery as before, but Polestar says the efficiency gains will allow it to offer a little more range than before, with the EPA estimating 260 miles to 270 miles. rising.

Polestar hasn’t announced pricing yet, but expects it to be slightly up from the current starting prices of the cars, which are $49,800 for the single-motor and $53,300 for the dual-motor. However, you do get more equipment as the base car comes standard with driver assistance features and the dual motor car comes standard with the Pilot Package. Polestar says the updated car will go on sale later this year.

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