2024 Volkswagen ID.7 Overview: What We Know So Far

In this article, spy shots of a gray ID.7 with a Jetta-like nose and grille, and a CES car with 40 layers of digital camouflage paint intended to disrupt the car’s original lines As you can see, the final 2024 ID.7 is expected to be very close to the ID.Aero concept show car. Various details differ. For example, you can see traditional door handles on CES cars and slightly restyled production headlights. For the rest, the profile stays fairly true to the show car, with a streamlined shoulderline fold and rear with a short deck that hides a hatch-like liftback like a Tesla Model S or an Audi A7. Until the end.

The ID.Aero is fitted with 22″ alloys and the CES car is fitted with similar wheels, seemingly an inch smaller, possibly indicating one of the final alloy wheel designs available . Wheels up to 22 inches are perfectly possible, but the best range figures are likely to come from a slightly smaller wheel selection.

There’s no way to confirm which colors the Volkswagen ID.7 will be available in after production starts, but the silver finish seen on the ID.Aero will almost certainly be white, black, and the usual European sedan. Typical gray selection on offer. That said, the locally-made ID.4 is available in a few interesting shades, including Aurora Red and Arctic Blue, so at least sportier versions of the ID.7 are looking to those more outgoing alternatives. We hope that some of the

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