4 Most Reliable Volkswagens

Reliability rating is an important metric that many people consider when buying a car. However, reliability will vary based on individual vehicle specific components and maintenance history. If you’re considering Volkswagen, here are his four of the most reliable Volkswagen models.

Determining the four most reliable Volkswagen models

Volkswagen Beetle | Mintaha Neslihan Eroglu via Getty Images

RepairPal analyzes 345 unique model maintenance and repair “cost, frequency, and actual repair severity” data to compare and rank vehicle reliability. Volkswagen is above average as a brand, with an average annual repair cost of $676 and above average cost of ownership. Vehicles of this brand have an 11% chance of having a major or major problem in an average of 0.5 workshop visits per year, compared to a 12% chance of having a major problem for all models. , an average of 0.4 times per year.

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