6 Car Brands Keep New Customers; 8 Tend To Lose Them

People who have bought one Tesla are more likely to buy a second Tesla. Once you buy a Subaru, you tend to buy the next Subaru and switch. Jeep enthusiasts trade their jeeps for different jeeps.

Dodge buyers are much less likely to buy a second Dodge. Audi has the same problem.

An S&P Global Mobility analysis of car buyers found that some brands are far better at retaining customers than others.

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A car dealer divides its customers into two categories. Loyalists who return to the same brand for a lifetime and nomads who wander in between.

According to S&P, nomads are becoming more and more common. This latest analysis showed “the highest ‘One and Done’ rate (nomad defection rate) in at least a decade.”

It doesn’t necessarily matter. It may be a question of strategy. After all, Dodge has established itself as a muscle marketer. If you want a muscle car when you don’t have the kids but a minivan when the kids come, they can help you with the first part of your preference and recommend a nice Chrysler for the second.

However, Erin Gomez, Associate Director of Consulting at S&P Global Mobility, said:

Brands with Above Average Loyalty:

  • Tesla
  • jeep
  • Subaru
  • come
  • hyundai
  • BMW

Brands with the highest percentage of one-time buyers:

  • dodge
  • audi
  • Acura
  • RAM
  • GMC
  • mazda
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes-Benz

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