AirTag credited with leading police to robbery suspects

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Chicago (CBS) — Two robbery suspects were taken into police custody late Wednesday after a rowdy car chase led to a violent clash around Brighton Park.

As reported by CBS 2’s Jermont Terry, the suspect could have gotten away without an obscure item in the victim’s purse.

The item was an Apple tracker, which allowed police to track down the suspect at all times.

The suspect was in a black Jeep that flipped over on Wentworth Avenue next to 31st Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway. Their joy ended after the jeep crashed into another car.

Hours before the black jeep lost control, police linked it to a robbery and attempted carjacking in Brighton Park.

On Wednesday afternoon, a 29-year-old woman had a life-threatening terror as she headed to her car near 45th Street and Mozart Street. Her family told CBS 2 that a black jeep turned onto the block and robbers held the woman at gunpoint and ordered her to abandon everything.

The woman complied, but the thief was unable to get her Honda. .

It’s the Apple AirTag, a tracker designed to help people find their keys.

In this case, the robbed woman used a tracker to follow the scammer’s every move. She shared with the police where they were.

The thief got nervous when he saw the police. The driver took off.

The jeep crashed into a Chrysler Sebring in an attempt to escape, causing a horrific collision at 31st Street and Wentworth, injuring the innocent driver.

The two men in the jeep were quickly arrested. An AirTag tracker appears to have helped clarify the incident.

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