Alexa, help! Amazon partnering with EVgo

E-commerce giant Amazon hopes a new partnership with EVgo, powered by the Alexa voice assistant, will help make the electric vehicle charging experience smoother for owners.

Announced at this year’s CES in Las Vegas on Thursday, the new service aims to streamline the process of finding, initiating and paying for charging sessions, according to EVgo, one of the country’s largest EVs. is. Charging network operator.

When it launches in late 2023, the Alexa-powered EV charging service will connect drivers to over 150,000 public charging stations in the US via EVgo’s PlugShare maps.

The service allows drivers to find charging stations operated by EVgo and other operators. If an EVgo station is selected, the driver will schedule and initiate a charging session and complete the payment via his Alexa Mobile app.

EVgo says customers will eventually be able to view real-time charger availability and view session and billing information.

Amazon says the service will be available in vehicles with accessories like Alexa and Echo Auto.

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