Alfa Romeo Tonale production increased to meet expected U.S. demand

Alfa Romeo sold 11,171 Tonales in Europe in 2022, according to Dataforce figures. Of that total, 4,661 were registered in Italy, trade group UNRAE said.

CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said in November that orders for Tonale will reach 35,000 units by the end of 2022.

The Tonale is available in Europe with petrol plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid drivetrains, and is also available as a diesel version in select European markets.

Imparato said Alfa Romeo, which had just 18% in 2021, will help Tonale reach his goal of generating 40% of the brand’s global sales outside of Europe by 2030. .

Production of the Dodge Hornet will begin at the Pomigliano plant in the coming weeks, with first US deliveries following the second quarter.

Dodge Chief Executive Tim Kuniskis said last August that he expects annual sales of the Hornet to exceed 40,000. The Hornet will be available with a 2.0L petrol engine or his 1.5L plug-in hybrid.

One possible hurdle to expanding production is the availability of batteries. Imparato said in his November production of his Tonale plug-in hybrid will be limited to 2023, as Alfa Romeo will receive only 35,000 batteries from Chinese battery maker CATL.

“We may be able to sell the entire 2023 production in a few months,” he added.

According to Dataforce, the Panda will maintain its leading position in the European light vehicle segment in 2022, with sales down 7.5% to 126,033 units. The union said last year that it would be built in Pomigliano until 2026.

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