Anchorage man charged with attempted murder after shooting at officer, police say

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – A man was charged with attempted murder and other felony charges after he opened fire on a police officer in the Clat District on Saturday night.

Officers were notified that 32-year-old Joseph Fagundes had threatened to harm his ex-girlfriend and himself around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, according to Anchorage Police. has four outstanding warrants, including three felony warrants.

Following the report, Fagundes was spotted driving a gold Jeep Compass on the “east side” of Anchorage and began running red lights near East 15th Street and Cordova Street.

Police said they did not pursue Fagundes because of his dangerous driving, but a patrol sergeant spotted Fagundes about 30 minutes later near Hilltop Drive and Westclat Road and turned on his lights in an attempt to pull him. Police said Fagundes tried to reverse the jeep and flee, but officers pushed him into a snowdrift.

Police said they ordered Fagundes to get out after Sgt.

The agency said officers did not fire because they did not have a “clear line of sight to the suspect,” but added that the patrol car was hit by a bullet from Fagundes’ weapon.

Police said officers called for backup, and officers who responded later found Fagundes hiding under a trampoline in Allison Circle’s backyard residence.

After arresting Fagundes, police found a handgun under a trampoline reportedly stolen on East 87th Street on Nov. 14, 2022. Police say the suspect in the reported incident forced his way into a locked pickup to steal weapons.

After being treated for back pain, Fagandes was interrogated and imprisoned in Anchorage Prison.

Fagundes is accused of:

  • Attempted 1st degree murder
  • 3rd degree assault 5 count
  • 4th degree assault
  • reckless danger
  • Third Degree Weapon Misconduct (Felony Possession)
  • Weapon Grade 3 Cheating (Firing from Vehicle)
  • Class 2 Weapons Illegal (Firing in a Home)
  • Fourth-degree weapon offense (intoxicated possession)
  • 2nd degree theft
  • stop failure

Police said no charges had been filed against a second person who was in the Jeep with Fagundes. No police officers were injured in the ordeal.

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