Apple Music, Zoom highlight Tesla’s latest software update

Tesla owners love wireless software updates that add features that improve performance, convenience, and safety. But the update could also make the Tesla experience more enjoyable around Christmas time.

This year’s big “holiday update” brings the best feature Tesla fans have been waiting for: Apple Music on the infotainment screen. We’ve also added Zoom video conferencing integration using the in-cabin camera and microphone.

Also in keeping with the festive theme of the season, Tesla vehicles can now perform a synchronized light show, with exterior lights flashing and electric doors moving to tunes such as Auld Lang Syne, Tesla announced this week. Did.

AutoPacific Industry Analyst Robby DeGraff said: “Tesla has probably been a leader in this practice for years. Every December, owners look forward to receiving gifts of all sorts through his annual holiday updates to his software. I have.”

Tesla’s light shows aren’t new, but during the software rollout to owners of Model S, X, 3, and Y, Tesla has added features such as the ability to sync light shows for multiple vehicles up to 10 minutes in advance. Said it has more options.

The host of YouTube channel ChargeGo said of the light show, “I will show it off to my family and friends during the holiday season.” “At that point, it’s not even a car. It’s a toy.”

Tesla’s popular dog mode, which controls the temperature inside the car and displays messages on a central touchscreen to keep bystanders from worrying, adds a live in-car camera feed that can be viewed on a smartphone, Tesla said. This feed is also available in Tesla’s Sentry Mode, a security feature that previously used only external cameras.

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