Assam: Probe against IAS officers for creating ruckus at Pobitora sanctuary

A departmental investigation has been ordered against two police officers from the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) on suspicion of causing a disturbance and abusing a forest officer within the Pobitla Wildlife Sanctuary on the outskirts of Guwahati.

The Pobitla Jeep Safari Owners Association has also sent a letter to Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma in this regard, calling for action against officials over the incident that occurred on Sunday.

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The complaint alleges that a police officer who came to the sanctuary with friends and family smoked in the jungle (not allowed), sat on the hood of a safari jeep and caused a disturbance.

The letter said officers verbally abused the Jeep driver and other staff when they asked them to get off the hood and stop smoking.

Smoking, drinking alcohol and escaping the jeep are not permitted during the safaris inside the wildlife sanctuary.

In the letter, the forestry authorities urged the prime minister to conduct an investigation and take strong action against the authorities. was also sent to MK Yadaba.

“We have sent a letter to the prime minister calling for action against the police,” said Nripen Nath, president of the association.

Providing information, Nath said two officials had been identified as Akash Deep, secretary and commissioner (forest and environment department) and Nitin Kade, electoral administrator (Assam), but said: Their names were not in the letter to CM,” Nath said.

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Forestry Officer (Guwahati Wildlife Division) Jayashree Naiding confirmed that a departmental investigation into the incident had been ordered. “I am currently on vacation and do not know the exact details of what happened. As an internal investigation is ongoing, it is not appropriate to comment,” she said.

When contacted, Akash Deep called the allegations baseless and a hoax.

“I am amazed at how and why these allegations are labeled. He said.

“During the safari, I found the driver to be rude and question the suitability of the vehicle. Added.

Elections director Nitin Khade did not respond to calls or messages. Forest Minister Chandra Mohan Patwari also declined to comment.

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