At $38,000, Is This 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara a Just Desert?

The Sahara Desert, like today’s top, is generally sandy brown. nice price or no dice sahara wrangler body Also oasis green.this fresh service provided presented to Like new condition. But would that price prove an insurmountable sand trap?

A desolate headland studded with rocks on the southeast coast of Kent, England It was once considered Britain’s only desert. It’s not actually a desert in the traditional sense, but it’s famous for having the largest spread of shingles in Europe.

Another thing the UK can brag about is that the vote won 86% for Nice Price. by yesterday 1972 MGB-GTAt $3,999, it seemed like a project car that works Both the trip and the destination are worth it.

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There are some destinations that require a little extra to reach. That’s why the world has developed his 4WD truck to handle difficult of those trucks this is 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara, but this particular not actually seems to have gone everywhere.

The ad shows that this YJ has only 22,990 mileage and claims the car is in “like new” condition. Photos back up that claim, with clean bodywork and glossy paintwork accented by sparkling, polished factory alloy wheels.sand and green Sahara Package adds unique trim, upholstery, lighting, and badges to your Jeepbut no mechanical upgrades.

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Mechanics, however, could As remarkable as the truck condition. Power is provided by Jeep’s beefy 4.0-liter OHV straight-six. It has fuel injection that produces 190 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque.behind that iron giant 5-speed stick and 2-speed transfer cases for part-time 4WD. The Wrangler doesn’t have air conditioning, but it’s a Jeep, so the owner knows it has to suck.

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Both the convertible top and the BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A are new, according to the ad. Everything else in the truck (storing things like consumables) Battery, probably) all original.

The interior looks perfect, no fading or other signs of wear. tear. The Saharan-specific upholstery is in excellent shape, as is the dusty-brown One wall of the floor.These models had quite a lot of options, including nice features like a locking center console and speaker bars bolted to the roll cage. Hardtop not included However, the truck has half doors and side curtains.

Most old Jeeps sold these days suffer from jack-up syndrome or from having battle scars From being used for its intended purpose. None of these flaws can be seen in this cleanly titled YJ.In fact, nothing seems to be against it other than the goofy YJ-only square headlights. Well, those and perhaps his somewhat eye-popping $38,000 price tag.

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Of course, that’s for us to decide. What do you think of this time capsule Jeep and its $38,000 asking price?Does it seem like a deal to get his YJ almost new old school?Or a more modern Jeep Classic Wouldn’t it make much more sense to spend that kind of cash on fancy expressions?

you decide!

Los Angeles, California, craigslistor go here If the ad disappears.

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