Audi Activesphere concept combines crossover, pickup

Audi has used Activesphere to develop an augmented reality ecosystem for drivers and passengers. In this ecosystem, specially equipped headsets can create 3D digital displays and control vehicle functions as well as interact with the vehicle’s surroundings, especially in Level 4 autonomous driving mode.

With its augmented reality capabilities, Audi is pushing into an area that BMW also highlighted at CES 2023 with its i Vision Dee concept car.

The big difference between the two premium manufacturers is that Audi uses a headset, while BMW has developed a head-up display that covers the entire width of the windshield and uses it new classAlso new classelectric vehicles after 2025.

“Mixed reality glasses are not limited to overlays in the front area of ​​the vehicle’s windshield, but enable content to be used throughout the vehicle. We are doing it,” said Christina Huber. Audi user her interface her designer said: car news europe sister publication car week.

“We think of glasses as part of the digital ecosystem. Our customers will always have them, just like they have smartphones today,” she said.

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