Audi Activesphere Proves There’s a Market for an Electric BMW Pickup Truck

So far, Audi hasn’t missed a concept design for the Sphere. Each one featured a completely new idea of ​​what the future of driving could look like, and each one was fascinating. But it’s probably none other than this new model. The Audi Activesphere, his hybrid of an all-electric sedan/hatchback/pickup truck mutant. Not only is it attractive, but it proves that there is a big enough market for BMW to build an electric pickup in a similar way.

There’s been a lot of talk about BMW making an electric pickup lately, and I’m pretty sure it will eventually happen. So many brands are doing it that it seems like business suicide not to make one: Ford already has an electric pickup and GM is making one. Rivian is the most famous EV truck manufacturer. And now we can add Audi to the list. I agree.

The Audi Active Sphere concept is truly genius. Three of his most popular cars at the moment all wrapped up in a cool looking and practical package. It’s part SUV in that it’s raised pretty high off the ground with its bumpy tires and has seating for five. But a 4-door similar to BMW’s Gran Coupe.He is in coupe/hatchback form, which makes him sleek, stylish and in keeping with the times. But at the push of a button, the glass rear he hatch slides over the normal glass roof, exposing the pickup truck bed, so it’s also a pickup his truck. Sure, the bed is kind of small, but so is the Ford Maverick, and the Ford literally can’t make it fast enough.

Audi Active Sphere 2 830x554

Audi’s Activesphere isn’t just smart, it’s also looking and futuristic. Its popularity on social media proves it’s what customers want. Sure, the Rivian R1T is great, but it’s a more traditional pickup. The Audi Activesphere will be picked up as a stylish 4-door coupe.

This proves that BMW should make such a car. It’s a small sports sedan and a small sports ute. If you need it, just follow the recipe Audi suggests. Sure, BMW isn’t well known for its off-roaders, but that’s the beauty of EVs. Every brand starts with a clean slate and comes up with a whole new idea, but Audi these days is crushing it. Hopefully, BMW will take a closer look at this active sphere and decide to create a competitor. Even if BMW just created the concept, it could prove that the customer’s designer got it.

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