Audi Dominion credits Spanish-speaking staff for sales successes.

“Our clients have different questions, needs, problems and concerns that need direction,” he said. “We need people who are comfortable with it. The diversity of our customers should be something we embrace, not something we shy away from.”

Dealers regularly produce infomercials in Spanish detailing their Audi Dominion and Cavender Toyota inventory.

Audi Dominion and Cavender Toyota are part of Cavender Auto Group, which operates 10 new car dealerships in the region.

The infomercial, which airs on Spanish-language TV channels, is designed to let prospective customers know that someone can speak Spanish about buying a car before they arrive.

“We wanted to be at the forefront of the community and let Spanish speakers know they had options,” says Silva.

Other dealership employees reflect the wide diversity of the San Antonio area, especially with respect to the Asian and Middle Eastern populations.

The area also has several military bases and is home to many veterans.

“The best thing we know is to make sure our staff reflects the community as a whole,” he said, “and that means all cultures.

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