Audi to lose key AV project in VW Group’s new software strategy

The Volkswagen Group’s Audi brand will launch a major autonomous vehicle project under a new software strategy aimed at making the Group’s own software competitive and ready for market by the end of 2010. You will lose.

Audi’s Artemis project, which aims to develop a Level 4 fully autonomous electric vehicle by 2024, has made little progress as VW Group’s Cariad division lags behind in creating sophisticated new software. .

VW Group CEO Oliver Blume plans to phase out the Artemis project under a revamped software roadmap that he will present at the Supervisory Board meeting on December 15th.

The VW Group’s commercial vehicle division will be the first among the Group’s brands to launch a self-driving vehicle using self-driving software developed by Cariad. The unit is testing a fleet of ID Buzz self-driving electric minivans in Israel as part of a partnership with Mobileye. car week sauce.

Audi aims to launch a self-driving car in the second half of the next decade, but there is no set time frame.

Under the new roadmap, the VW Group’s 1.1 and 1.2 software platforms will continue to be developed, with the 1.2 platform renamed ‘Software Premium’ and ready for use by Audi and Porsche by the end of the decade. Handelsblatt report. The Group’s mass market brands use the 1.1 software platform.

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