Auto industry works to build infrastructure for EV transition

Lynkwell provides an integrated electric vehicle charging platform that enables businesses, retailers and other organizations to launch their own branded charging network.

The Lynkwell system comes with a charging device and, among other things, a software platform that allows you to set up your payment system. Lynkwell is also helping companies access funding for billing projects, said CEO Schuyler Poukish. He added that Lynkwell provides an off-the-shelf system that can be connected and customized to reduce time to market.

“We offer this in a very scalable way. [application programming interface]It’s the first software to allow anyone to set up a charging network,” said Poukish.

Lynkwell attended CES with the goal of sharing its name and story with the industry. He started the company about a year ago. Until now, Lynkwell has been working on the system in the background, Poukish said.

“We’re finally taking a step open to the industry and saying, ‘We have this and we can do this,'” he said.

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