Auto showroom vet matches job seekers with employers

cott Trainor describes himself as always being a car.

He started selling Toyota cars in his native Canada at the age of 19 and ended his career as a dealer managing the country’s largest Mercedes-Benz store in Montreal.

Around this time, some friends who ran the automotive job site approached Trainor about launching a similar site in the United States.

He jumped at the opportunity, traded his snow boots for flip flops, and moved to Florida. Two months later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“It wasn’t supposed to be a soft launch, but now we call it a soft launch because the world stopped,” he says with a laugh. It was interesting even after COVID until a month ago, when people weren’t moving around or necessarily looking for work due to inventory shortages.

“Now we are up and running.”

This site — — is similar to, but dedicated to automobiles.

“We’ve modernized the way people connect,” Trainor says. “Both employers and candidates have profiles. They can see where and how they match. Not just using a traditional resume. It’s transparent to both.

“It’s almost a dating site.”

But trainers don’t play matchmakers. He just provides the platform.

Another example of Trainor’s passion for automobiles is the recent awards he and others handed out to dealerships. The CARS Awards (Culture, Achievement, Retention, Service) are the brainchild of trainer and partner Sandy Serami.

Awards were given to dealers in six categories, including ‘Best Social Media & Branding’ and ‘Best Community Partner Program’. Trainers, ceramis and industry leaders served as judges.

“It’s just an idea that came to me a few months ago,” Trainor says. “I really wanted to elevate and showcase stores that excel in different categories. It wasn’t an award for my product or someone else’s product. It was really about the industry.”

He says he received about 200 nominations in six categories with just a little bit of publicity.

“We had everyone from vendors appointing stores to employees at dealers to customers appointing stores,” Trainor says. “And that he did in a month.

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