AutoForecast Solutions semiconductor report | Automotive News

what is that: A weekly estimate of lost production in car factories worldwide, especially due to semiconductor shortages over the past two years.

Where are you from: Using supplier intelligence and other proprietary research, AutoForecast Solutions outside Philadelphia researches and reports on global factory production schedules by model each week.

how to use: Updated weekly, this tally shows where automakers are being affected by chip-related supply chain struggles. This monitor of lost production alerts parts suppliers and vendors to business disruptions and provides retailers with insight into new inventory pipelines for specific models.

How it can be exploited: AFS continues to warn data users that the report only tracks production disruptions caused by microchips. In addition to the chip crisis, many other supply chain issues are tripping the industry. The war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic, factory staffing issues, disruption of raw material flows and transportation resources, to name a few. Even when the chip shortage is resolved, not all production will magically return to desired levels.

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