Automotive News Recognizes UVeye Tech Achievements with All-Star Award

  • General Motors and Volvo are rolling out UVeye technology in their US dealerships.
  • UVeye’s high-speed vehicle inspection system helps new and used car dealerships improve customer service.

Detroit, November 28, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Amir HeeverCEO and co-founder of UVeye received Automotive News All-Star Award for improving customer service at new and used car dealerships through the development of the company’s vehicle inspection system. usa.

General Motors and Volvo earlier this year announced plans to introduce UVeye technology to their nationwide dealer service divisions. usaIn addition to GM and Volvo, UVeye’s other auto investors include CarMax, Hyundai Motors and Toyota Tsusho.

UVeye’s high-speed inspection system uses artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and high-speed camera technology to identify issues ranging from worn tires to defective undercarriage components in seconds. Already installed at hundreds of dealers in the United States, it has proven to be faster and more accurate than traditional service lane inspections, helping dealers significantly improve customer service.

Earlier this year, General Motors signed a commercial agreement with the company to explore the use of UVeye technology in GM dealerships around the world. In March, Volvo announced plans to equip US dealerships with his UVeye automated inspection system as well.

“It is truly an honor to receive this prestigious Automotive News All-Star Award. But the real winners of this award are UVeye’s dedicated employees, investors, automotive partners and dealer customers around the world. .

“We would like to especially thank our US partners General Motors and Volvo Cars.” united states of america and CarMax for all their support over the past year. Our growth in 2022 was fueled by our investment in technology. ”

Hever said the UVeye application will also be integrated this year into leading dealership management systems available to thousands of U.S. dealerships, including Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) and CDK Drive’s Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange. said.

Automakers are quick to recognize the importance of UVeye’s technology.

“We are on a journey to create the best possible customer service experience, and the implementation of the UVeye system in our dealer service lanes will help us achieve that.” John Ross, Global Vice President of Customer Care and After-Sales at GM. “Providing our customers with real-time, consistent and accurate feedback helps ensure that they get the best possible performance from their vehicles.”

Rick BryantVice President of Sales Operations, Volvo Cars united states of americapoints out that UVeye provides Volvo dealers with a “very powerful tool” and “provides transparency, repeatability and multi-point inspection results. You won’t find a better solution anywhere.” No,” he added.

UVeye’s three high-speed systems available today use a unique combination of proprietary algorithms, cloud architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning and sensor fusion technology. His Helios system is an underbody scanner that detects issues like frame damage, missing parts, fluid links, brake and exhaust system issues.

Artemis is a UVeye system for checking tire quality that can identify tire brand, technical specs, pressure, tread depth, sidewall damage, tire mismatch and alignment issues in seconds. Atlas is a 360-degree detection system that checks sheet metal and exterior components such as bumpers, door locks, grills and windows.

UVeye has facilities North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Hever adds that the company plans to announce further expansion plans. usa next year. UVeye already has strategic partnerships with numerous distributor groups, used car auctions and vehicle fleets.

Founded in 1981, the Automotive News All-Star program is considered the most prestigious awards program for executives in the US automotive industry. Diversity, equity, inclusion. ”

2022 winners include senior executives from CarMax, Continental, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Hyundai, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Nissan, Stellantis, Tesla and Toyota. UVeye’s Hever was recognized for his work in the Fixed Ops – Vendor category.

About UVeye

Founded in 2016, UVeye has created the world’s first comprehensive and fully automated suite of vehicle inspection systems. The company’s breakthrough drive-thru system detects virtually any external or mechanical defect and can identify anomalies, alterations or foreign objects under and around all sides of the vehicle within seconds.

Issues detected include oil leaks, exterior defects such as scratches and dents, tire sidewall and tread issues, and other forms of underbody damage. Originally a developer of inspection systems for the homeland security industry, UVeye has expanded its technology applications for use in the automotive industry, revolutionizing multi-point inspection processes and identifying a wide variety of quality and repair issues. thus improving the customer experience.

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