Automotive shop burns near Carl Junction | News

Jasper County, Missouri — Late Friday night shortly after 11:15 pm, a report of a large store fire at 6446 CR 290 was called to Jasper County E-911.

Carl Junction Fire, Jasper County Deputies and METS ambulances responded with a temperature of -4°. The wind was light, so it felt like -7° in the cold of the wind.

CJ Fire Command sounded Mutual Aid’s second and third alarms, calling for Oronogo Fire, Webb City Fire and Galena Fire. All emergency.

JT Performance Automotive is a road sign. A large shop building of sheet metal and concrete blocks is fully involved. A fire is lit behind many large garage bay doors.

Our live video captures firefighters using a saw to cut through sheet metal to get inside. The roof had already collapsed when the cameras arrived.


CR290 aka State Route JJ is closed to traffic as tankers move to the Jasper County Road District Water Tower at JJ and Fountain for refueling.

1:28 a.m. Fire extinguishing declaration

Chief Perkins said no civilians were injured and no firefighters fighting the blaze were injured.

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