Karma Automotive plans to assemble delivery trucks for the North and Latin American markets at its production facility in 2023. moreno valley

irvine, california, January 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Electric vehicle (EV) solutions provider B–ON has partnered with US-based luxury EV manufacturer Karma Automotive to bring B–ON’s fully electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) to the company’s facilities. to produce California from this year. Karma’s ISO-certified 555,000-square-foot Innovation and Customization Center (KICC) will produce the first delivery truck fleet for his B-ON in 2023, with pre-production starting in July. The facility, which has an annual capacity of up to 30,000 vehicles, will begin full-scale production in 2024 as B-ON continues to grow in the United States. Canadaand presence in Latin America.

“Demand for our light commercial vehicles is expected to soon exceed our production capacity. Germany alone” said Stephen Krause, Founder, Chairman and CEO of B-ON. “We knew we needed to expand our production capacity this year, but the Karma facility California They are perfectly positioned to serve the fast-growing North and South American markets while also having access to their world-class workforce and capabilities. “

Karma Automotive CEO Jeff Wawryzniak said: “B-ON products are proven winners in this market and we are proud to partner with B-ON to become the exclusive manufacturer. North America of their last mile delivery vehicle. Their products, combined with their existing technical expertise as an OEM and their customized and flexible manufacturing operational capabilities, will be a recipe for success both in 2023 and in the future as the partnership grows. “

The Karma Innovation and Customization Center offers a comprehensive range of flexible vehicle manufacturing, engineering and customization services. It includes a complete vehicle assembly with full painting capabilities and is supported by world-class engineering, homologation testing, vehicle certification and supply chain management services.

About B-ON

B–ON is a full-service solution provider that democratizes fleet electrification, providing access to proven electric vehicles and a full ecosystem of supporting services needed for fleet electrification. By bringing together financing and insurance, service and maintenance, charging and energy management, telematics, driver solutions and proven electric vehicles under one roof, B–ON brings smarter EVs and electrification processes to life at scale. Make it available to all fleets, large and small. small. For more information, follow B–ON on LinkedIn or on their website at www.b-on.com.

About Karma Automotive

Founded in 2014, Karma Automotive is a Southern California Home manufacturer of high-end electric vehicles.Head office location irvine, california at a production facility located in moreno valleyKarma sells vehicles through its dealer network North America, Europe, South Americaand the middle eastKarma’s Innovation and Customization Center, which opened in 2017, provides world-class engineering, design, customization and manufacturing services with electrification platforms. Karma’s flagship vehicle, the Revero® GT, green car journal The 2020 Luxury Green Car of the Year™ is an electric vehicle with dual electric motors that embodies Karma’s goal of delivering cutting-edge technology and luxury experiences. For 2021, Karma has unveiled his GS-6 series. This is also a series hybrid EV with extended range. In addition, through “Powered by Karma,” Karma will provide customized and flexible manufacturing services for world-class commercial vehicle electrification and mobility customers. Powered By Karma is an evolution of Karma’s business development group that provides business-to-business (B2B) modular vehicle electrification solutions and services to external customers.

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