Mini Jeep Adventures Part 3: Bombs, Salt, And Smoke Are Not Looking Good For This 1,000 Mile Road Trip

Mini Jeep Adventure Part 3: Bombs, salt and smoke don’t seem right for this 1,000-mile road trip

Well, the first video was good, the second video looked promising, and the third video was…..well, it’s a shit show. am. Nothing is going well with this, but the little ‘Jeep’ keeps unplugging. There are dozens of times in this series where I thought he was doing something completely wrong, and many times I was right. I don’t want to, but I do, and you should see it so you can love it too.

will he make it? Will he get over it? There’s a bomb inside. like a real bomb. clock.

Well, he drives a thousand miles (1,000 miles) from end to end in Utah in a mini Jeep like the one sold on Facebook Marketplace. Wow. Now, this sounds like a really silly idea, but I definitely want to do it. I say this because it’s the kind of silly thing my friends and I would like to think and do. Not at all outside the room.

How cheap can you get this? Or if my his Cushman Truckster needs mods.


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