Barefoot and drenched, girls held each other for hours before knocking at his front door

Ottawa County, Michigan – He saw a little face through his front window and knew she needed help.

There were actually two girls in wet winter coats, barefoot and shivering. rice field.

The girls saw a Christmas tree inside Kevin MacLeod’s front door and knocked on the door.

MacLeod told MLive/The Grand Rapids Press on Sunday, Jan. 22, “I just saw little faces. I just thought they were in trouble.”

Kevin MacLeod opened up his home to two young girls who spent the night outdoors after their father’s car crashed into Lake Makatawa. (John Agger | MLive)

Both 10-year-old girls survived at least seven hours outside before appearing at McLeod’s house on Scotch Street, perhaps 200 feet from the lake. I couldn’t find a home in the area where I was leaving for the winter.

The girls spent most of the night on someone’s doorstep, waiting for daylight. They knocked on MacLeod’s door around 9:00 am. We had her Christmas tree on the porch and the car in the driveway.

Ottawa County Sheriff Lieutenant Eric Westbeer said, “They huddled together all night and kept each other warm until they were able to find inhabited housing.

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Sheriff divers found the vehicle off Jennison Avenue and Lakeway Drive, near South Shore Drive, south of Park Township. The body of a man, believed to be his father, was found inside the car.

The father is a 52-year-old Ossego man whose name has not been released.

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Police are still investigating what caused the car to fall into the lake, Westveer said. It happened at the end of a road near Holland.

MacLeod said it was heartbreaking to think of the girls spending the night outside. He said the area is pretty dark at night. The girls tried to enter the Tiara Yacht, thinking it was a church with lights, but there was no one there.

As he let the girls inside, MacLeod’s wife, Maribeth Van Hecke, called 911. The couple got warm socks and blankets for the girls. The girls were chattering, he said, as if they were in shock.

He and his wife helped others do, he said.

The girls were taken to hospital for evaluation. MacLeod said the girls were very cold, but they didn’t get frostbite. They told him that his father had spoken to his mother around 1:00 a.m. and said she would be back soon.

MacLeod thought about the girls all day. He hoped they were all right.

“They had a really bad night. It’s not good today and probably won’t be good for a while,” he said.

“They lost their father last night. That’s hard at any age.”

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