Battle of mid size SUVs – Skoda Kushaq Vs Jeep Compass Drag Race on video

Drag racing has become very popular among Indian automotive YouTubers and their viewers. This is why we are getting so many drag racing videos these days on this video sharing platform. And now, at a recent event, his two mid-size SUVs from his two big-name automakers in Germany and America went head-to-head in drag racing. The race was represented by the Skoda Kushak for Germany and the Jeep Compass for the USA. Before I go any further, I would like to add that Skoda is a Czech automaker, but we are aware that it is owned and operated by German auto giant Volkswagen.

A video of these two midsize SUVs drag racing each other was uploaded by Pratham Shokeen to his YouTube channel. He has previously shared a ton of these drag racing videos of him on his channel as well. At the beginning of the video, the host says he will race his friend Skoda his Kushak and Jeep his Compass. He adds that he doesn’t know which of his two SUVs will win because he considers the Skodak Shark to be his SUV with speed, but the Compass on the other hand is more powerful, but still a little Heavy.

Now let’s move on to the introduction of the SUV and its composition. He begins by explaining that Jeep his Compass is a diesel turbocharged SUV and Skoda his Kushark is a petrol turbocharged vehicle. The Jeep Compass in the video produces 170 bhp and 350 Nm of torque, while the Skoda Kushaq produces a maximum of 114 bhp and 178 Nm of torque. He adds that both his SUVs are equipped with manual transmissions and that the Compass has a four-cylinder engine while the Kushark has a three-cylinder engine. increase. The presenter also notes that both of these SUVs have soft limiters, making it difficult to get a good launch on both models.

The host first climbs into a Skoda Kushark and sets the stage for the drag race. He said he will race with traction control and air conditioning off in both cars. He also said that both SUVs have 3 passengers because more people are involved in the filming of the video, and the presenter also said that both his SUVs are manual It also adds that you can’t get a sport mode or a driving mode selector. This is followed by the first drag race, where the Skoda makes a good start although the Jeep Compass lags behind and stalls. He then reveals that the Compass driver forgot to put the handbrake on.

Midsize SUV Battle – Skoda Kushaq Vs Jeep Compass Drag Race on video

Then the first round started and the Jeep Compass won easily after a good launch. Skoda also made a good launch and was not far behind Compass, but soon gave up and was left behind. Even after this redistribution of weight, the Compass still triumphed, leaving Skoda behind his Kushak. In the third race, again the jeep wins very easily when the presenter drives his Compass and has his friend drive his Kushaq.

In the fourth race, Jeep Compass passengers turn on the air conditioning. They then started the race, but the presenters were unable to switch gears at the start of the race and then restarted the race. This time he again lost to Skoda Kushaq, but was able to catch up with Compass for a few seconds before collecting dust at the end.

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