BlackBerry Showcases BlackBerry IVY on Three Commercially-Available Automotive Platforms at CES 2023

The jointly-developed intelligent vehicle data platform, pre-integrated with the next-generation digital cockpits of global automotive suppliers and AWS, enables rapid development of third-party applications to create enhanced services and experiences. helpful

Las Vegas, January 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB) (TSX: BB) today announced that BlackBerry IVY™, a cloud-connected automotive AI platform jointly developed by BlackBerry and Amazon Web Services (AWS), has successfully completed a major Tier 1 vehicle Three commercially available digital cockpit platforms from suppliers Bosch and PATEO are designed to enable automakers to rapidly deploy innovative third-party applications to enhance the in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers It has been.

The three implementations will be demonstrated at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the BlackBerry (LVCC West, #4025) and Amazon (LVCC West, #4001) booths, marking the first time the BlackBerry IVY has been shown in a vehicle. . The BlackBerry IVY solution is May 2023is the result of two years of comprehensive development efforts and multiple iterations of pressure testing with pilot partners and customers.

At CES, BlackBerry and AWS will demonstrate several BlackBerry IVY-powered applications deployed on commercial automotive platforms, including:

  • Bosch’s information domain computing platform in the Jeep Grand Cherokee shows innovative AI-based solutions for predictive maintenance of brakes and tire wear with Compredict and secure in-vehicle payments with CarIQ . Visitors can learn how live vehicle data is abstracted, normalized, and securely processed to help predict the behavior of auto parts before maintenance issues arise, and to help ensure authentication of vehicle payment transactions. Indicates whether to create machine learning (ML) insights.
  • PATEO’s intelligent digital cockpit highlights EV battery management solutions powered by Electra Vehicles currently commercialized in the Chinese market by PATEO. This demo will show how IVY’s insights power battery range and driver profiling personalized solutions to reduce ‘range anxiety’.
  • A virtualized BlackBerry IVY platform solution powered by AWS Graviton processors demonstrates how automakers can rapidly develop ML-based automotive solutions for scene detection and cybersecurity use cases.

“We have worked hard to build BlackBerry IVY into a flexible and comprehensive software-defined solution, supporting multiple underlying hardware and software platforms. Your feedback has contributed to our vision and our latest software release.” Vito Giarorenzo, Senior Vice President, General Manager of IVY and Head of Corporate Development of BlackBerry. “BlackBerry IVY is a unique automotive platform that has undergone extensive development, is highly scalable and integrated with commonly used automotive platforms.Today, automakers and partners are fully aware of BlackBerry IVY readiness. Leveraging the power and scalability to accelerate the software-defined journey, reducing R&D complexity and time-to-market for monetization services.”

“When we launched this effort at BlackBerry three years ago, we saw the potential for the automotive industry to leverage the cloud and turn vehicle data into actionable insights that could revolutionize the industry’s approach to vehicle development. I recognized the Catherine Lenz, Vice President of Industry at AWS. “Today, the AWS co-developed BlackBerry IVY solution stands out as a key enabler for the software-defined future demanded by the automotive industry. We will not only discuss what it does, but also how data and insights will enable the future of mobility.”

“Today, we are pleased to introduce the new BlackBerry IVY-powered intelligent digital cockpit that China’s leading automaker, Dongfeng, has adopted for its next-generation all-electric VOYAH model.” Ken Ying, Founder and Chairman of PATEO. “There is no bigger forum than his CES highlighting where the future of driving and in-car experiences is headed, not to mention all the features and capabilities that are possible with a powerful enabling platform like the BlackBerry IVY.”

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