BMW i Vision Dee shows new reaches of digital tech

The BMW i Vision Dee shows the new realm of digital technology

BMW’s new vision, the BMW i Vision Dee midsize sedan concept, reveals the range of technologies the German automaker is preparing to bring virtual and physical experiences together.

“With the BMW i Vision Dee, we showcase what is possible when hardware and software converge,” said BMW Group CEO Oliver Zipse during his keynote address at CES on Wednesday. “We can take full advantage of the potential of digitization to transform the car into his intelligent companion.”

Dee’s marquee technology, which stands for Digital Emotional Experience, is a heads-up display that projects information across the vehicle’s windshield.

Current heads-up displays project a small field of view. Expanding that field can create a more immersive experience for both drivers and passengers.

“With our technology, everyone in the car sees the same information, including those behind them,” said Domagoy Duquek, BMW’s Head of Brand Design.

Drivers can adjust the content displayed on the windshield, including driving-related information, infotainment, augmented reality and virtual reality, using a “mixed reality slider” on the dashboard.

The slider “can change from the physical world to the digital world,” Dukec said.

BMW says the technology will be available in production vehicles on the next-generation Neue Klasse platform, due in mid-2010.

By using the windshield rather than a dashboard-based instrument cluster or center display, critical driving information is displayed in the driver’s natural line of sight, helping to keep his eyes on the road.

The windshield display also eliminates the dashboard-based screen for a minimalist interior.

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