BMW, Porsche, Bosch bet on e-bicycles

Auto industry stalwarts such as BMW, Porsche and German supplier Robert Bosch believe e-bikes will become a lucrative business as consumers demand newer, cheaper and greener ways to get around. increase.

McKinsey & Co. forecasts that the micromobility market will grow at an annual rate of 9%, reaching a cumulative $260 billion by 2025. Bicycles, including manual and electric bikes used in bike-sharing services, are expected to account for about $180 billion of that. A bike that is increasing its share of the market.

Kersten Heineke, leader of the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility, said: “They prey on traditional bike sales.”

Heineke said e-bikes are popular in countries with a strong cycling culture, such as Germany. In the United States, decades of car-centric urban planning have made biking as a mode of transportation difficult or unsafe.

Industry consultant Carla Bairro says that for the U.S. e-bike market to grow rapidly, cities and bike manufacturers need to make sure riders feel safe and get their money’s worth. said there is a need.

“People need to feel safe in themselves and their ability to move, and where the infrastructure exists for that is where sales double,” she said.

Biro said public-private partnerships will be needed to improve safety and encourage U.S. cities to rethink their approach to infrastructure, transportation and urban planning. Bicyclists often have to share roads with vehicles or ride sidewalks alongside pedestrians, a dangerous approach that leads to collisions.

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