BMW will begin production of solid-state battery prototype

BMW extends contract with U.S. start-up Solid State to add R&D license, allowing automaker to begin production of prototype solid-state cells at company’s Cell Manufacturing Competence Center in Parsdorf near Munich The automaker said in a statement that it will be able to do so.

BMW’s head of battery R&D, Peter Lamp, said in an interview that the automaker will start cell production in the first half of this year, with the goal of developing battery cells large enough to be tested in vehicles by 2025. said it plans to start

Solid Power has development agreements with both BMW and Ford, who are also investors. If the technology achieves certain performance targets, it may be eligible for vehicle supply agreements.

Solid Power is one of dozens of companies trying to reach the “holy grail” of battery innovation. It’s a solid-state battery that offers longer ranges, faster charging times, reduced fire risk, and lower costs.

Automakers and battery companies are betting they can achieve such a breakthrough by the end of 2010, but they still face stiff hurdles to prove their lab findings can be manufactured at scale. .

“We have a good team on the Solid Power side, on the BMW side,” Lamp said. “If we go separately, we won’t have the same speed as when we join forces.”

Based in Louisville, Colorado, Solid Power will go public in 2021 through a reverse merger.

Co-founder Doug Campbell stepped down as CEO in November, saying he needed someone with more manufacturing expertise to lead the next phase.

The company’s president and chairman, venture capitalist David Jansen, is serving as interim CEO while the company searches for a permanent replacement.

“We are on track,” said Jansen. “The board is very excited.”

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