Bring home the sunroof variant of the Honda Jazz for only 2 lakh, we tell you how

Secondhand car: In the automotive industry, luxury hatchback cars are widely sold. These vehicles offer premium equipment, excellent fuel economy and beautiful design at mid-range prices. In the current line-up of luxury hatchback cars, it refers to the Honda Jazz, a hatchback with a sporty look.

The Honda Jazz is priced at Rs. 8.01 and Rs. at its former showroom in Delhi. 103,200 rupees. There are many people who like this car, but the price is too high to buy it. With this issue in mind, we are providing information on offers where you can purchase this vehicle significantly cheaper.

Today, we would like to introduce the lowest price information of Honda Jazz, which was collected from multiple used car sites.

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Used Car: Honda Jazz


OLX has another offer for cheap used Honda Jazz. 2014 Honda Jazz sells for Rs. 3.1 lakh rupees. Seller does not include financing options or offers with vehicles.


The DROOM website has offers for used Honda Jazz. This is a 2013 Honda Jazz with Delhi registration and for sale. This hatchback is priced at his 2 million rupees and a simple credit plan is also offered upon purchase.

cart trade

The CARTRADE website offers the third highest used prices for Honda Jazz models. This is his 2015 Honda Jazz model registered in Uttar Pradesh. The asking price of the car is only Rs 3.5 lakh. You can also finance this car.

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