Buick Envista coming to U.S. in 2023

Buick’s crossover lineup will expand when the General Motors division brings the compact Envista to the US in 2023.

At the automaker’s investor day on Nov. 17, GM president Mark Reuss said the Envista, currently being produced in China, is an internal combustion engine vehicle that takes the brand’s Wildcat electric concept styling. The Wildcat concept features a more sculptural exterior and a spacious interior.

“It’s a beautiful car. “It’s a beautiful addition to the Buick lineup.”

A Buick representative declined to comment, except for what Mr. Royce said. Envista images were not shown in the live webcast of Reuss’ presentation.

Forecasters say the Envista should arrive in the US in the second half of 2023. It could be the last petrol engine the brand will add to Buick’s lineup before he starts introducing EVs in 2024.

“Buick, as an indirect replacement for Encore, is envisioning a new, envista, much like Chevrolet did with its next-generation Trax,” said Paul Watty, industry analysis manager at AutoPacific. We look forward to following a more exciting formula.” “The next Trax is significantly larger than its predecessor, but retains its entry-level position in the Chevy lineup. It delivers a chic, swept profile that has proven to be alluring, especially.”

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