BYD to launch affordable electric hatchback in China

BYD is preparing to launch a new electric compact car in China. The BYD Seagull is smaller and cheaper than the BYD Dolphin, priced between RMB 60,000 and RMB 100,000, equivalent to about €8,200 to €13,700 (or US$8,860 to $14,770). The small electric vehicle is expected to hit the Chinese market later this year.

The plans were leaked to Chinese media when BYD submitted Seagull’s approval application to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), along with both technical data and images. The aesthetics of the small electric car is based on the Seal electric sedan and Dolphin electric compact he cars that form the so-called Ocean series.

According to registration documents, the Seagull will have an output of 55 kW (Dolphin’s 70 kW) and will be powered by an LFP battery of unknown capacity, said to come from BYD’s FinDreams.according to car news china, Seagull, like Dolphin, has several battery options starting at 30.7 kWh. A few months ago, there were rumors that some versions of the Dolphin, Seagull and Chin EVs could use sodium-ion batteries, but BYD denied the rumors at the time.

According to the application documents, the Seagull measures 3,780 x 1,715 x 1,540 mm with a wheelbase of 2.5 m. This makes it 345mm shorter, 55mm narrower and 30mm lower than the BYD Dolphin. Unladen weight is expected to be between 1,160 and 1,240 kg. 15 inch or 16 inch tires. Despite its extremely compact design, car news china It features a 4-seat, 5-door body and a striking design with slender headlights, hatchback and roof spoiler.

In a leaked photo on BYD’s application, two of the photos show two different names for the vehicle, the Sea Pig Q (Dolphin Q) and the Sea Pig Mini (Dolphin Mini). For new small electric cars.

It is not explicitly stated whether Seagull, like Seal and Dolphin, will be based on BYD’s electric platform 3.0. BYD’s Han and Tang electric vehicles are also sold as plug-in hybrids in markets outside of Europe, but the company’s purely electric platform 3.0 does not support combustion engines. BYD’s electric platform 3.0 relies on an 800-volt system voltage and his LFP cell chemistry in-house. For BYD Seal, the electric platform is outfitted with the company’s new cell-to-body approach, which integrates the battery directly into the vehicle body.

According to a registration application filed with MIIT, production of the Seagull electric vehicle will begin soon and will be on the market by the end of the year.

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