Car Battery Replacements That Cost More Than You Think

Paying close to $20,000 to fix an eight-year-old Mercedes-Benz might sound like a bad deal, but you might be surprised to learn that fixing a used Chevrolet Volt costs just as much. Hmm. Estimates for hybrid vehicle battery replacement seem to vary wildly, and even Chevrolet itself can’t give a definite answer.Autoblog reached out to his Los Angeles-based Chevy dealer and asked for a replacement battery for the drive motor. He was quoted between $3,400 and $34,000. The dealer, more specifically, said you should inspect the bolt yourself, so the outlet reached out to a GM representative for further clarification.

The rep said their strategy for repairing the Volt’s battery pack was to repair it rather than replace it, but “high-end [the range] The amount offered does not match what the customer is expected to pay. He went on to suggest that the $34,000 quote may include dealer markups. It’s also half of his $34,000 top price tag, which could spell disaster for budget-minded owners.

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