Car buyer satisfaction study, VinFast in competition with Tesla, Hertz partnership expands EV infrastructure

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First Female NIADA CEO Shares Insights on Auto Sales for 2023
The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association has elected its first female leader in its 75-year history. Melanie Wilson is the organization’s new interim CEO, and she has exciting plans for its future. The decision to put Wilson in the driver’s seat of her NIADA is significant not only for the association, but for the industry itself. In the first installment of this Inside her Automotive exclusive interview, she joins host Jim Her Fitzpatrick to discuss her vision for NIADA: the state of auto retail. The second will be released soon, so please look forward to it!watch the full segment here.

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car buyer satisfactionNew report from Cox Automotive reveals car buyer satisfaction continues to decline in 2022 despite industry efforts to better serve in the face of economic headwinds became. Cox analysts made their conclusions based on survey responses from more than 10,000 of his participants looking to buy a car in 2022. According to the responses, car buyer satisfaction has dropped to 61% for him, and from 2021 he will drop by 5%. read more

Tesla price cut, VinFast promotionVietnamese electric car maker VinFast responded to recent price cuts across Tesla’s lineup with a unique promotion. The move will attract contract-hungry EV buyers and prevent consumers from being lost to Tesla, which confidently continues to dominate the market despite a chaotic 2022 performance. The purpose is that. “When other brands lower their prices, we need to come up with promotions to ensure VinFast’s competitiveness.” read more

hertzHertz is working with the City of Denver to build charging infrastructure to support the ongoing transition to electric vehicles. The automaker plans to add more than 5,000 of his EVs to Denver’s fleet as part of a program called “Hertz Electrification.” The program will provide public EV chargers, training and tools across the city’s technical high schools to build similar partnerships across the country. read more

Toyota, ToyodaTo accelerate the global transition to sustainable transportation, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda proposed at a recent event to replace the powertrains of vehicles already on the road. His message was that, contrary to what some critics have claimed, Toyota is far behind in the electric vehicle arena. He further emphasized the technology, market expertise, financial resources and engineering needed to remain a formidable competitor in producing environmentally friendly vehicles. read more

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Car dealership sales reps use digital tools to drive personalized engagement and deliver high customer valueEnhancing Engagement: How Data Helps Dealers Understand Customers in 3D
The year is 2023. The holiday shopping season may be over, but the memory is certainly still fresh in the minds (and bank accounts) of most people reading this article. You may have recently purchased a product online and immediately received a similar product offer from a seller or his social media channels. This is what we are used to in the Internet age. read more

Dealers are optimistic about the future, but investors remain cautious
Kerrigan Advisors Blue Sky’s third quarter 2022 report shows a mix of optimism and caution for the automotive market. A new normal has emerged in post-pandemic markets. One that affects dealers and investors differently. For the average car buyer, volatility in car prices is driving change. Kerrigan Advisors delves into the buying and selling market, expectations from dealers and Wall Street, and vehicle affordability. read more

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