Car dealers see opportunity in used-vehicle F&I products

Protective spokesman John Sternall said he believes the difference between the two questions has to do with the desire to hear dealers’ opinions on the two issues. Did the dealer want to expand his existing F&I offering to cover a wider range of used vehicles? In particular What about used models?

“Often, dealer groups have the same programs,” said Travis Wools, Protective’s vice president of marketing and communications. car news in September. However, as used vehicles make up an increasing proportion of dealers’ sales mix, we felt that retailers should consider his F&I coverage, which is dedicated to used vehicles.

According to Wools, leaders of F&I agencies that sell products to dealerships, in conversations with sales representatives, have separately pitched second-hand dealership coverage to better differentiate new and used products. He said he explained what to do.

Protective’s senior vice president and chief distribution officer, Rick Kurtz, said: car newsLast year, Protective acquired F&I product provider AUL Corp. AUL Corp. is what Kurtz called a longtime “standard bearer” of long-haul vehicle service contracts.

Kurtz said of AUL:

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