Car thief pretends to be customer, drives Jeep off Puyallup dealership lot – KIRO 7 News Seattle

A brazen car thief poses as a customer and steals a car from the sales floor of a car dealership in Puyallup.

The video shows dealership owner Scott Tanner sitting with a woman who appears to be a customer looking to buy a car. She was at the Tanner Motorsports offices on a busy Friday afternoon. Tanner says he took advantage of it and took off in her car.

The video shows a woman asking for a car, and Tanner tried to do his duty, but told her he wouldn’t be able to sell the car that day after a credit check.

Apparently that’s when she seems to take matters into her own hands. Surveillance video from outside shows a woman looking at the Jeep.

“This young woman has been walking outside Canyon Road for the last few weeks and needed a car,” Tanner said. “Apparently, she got the payment from Amazon yesterday. She brought in the check. Then my customer saw a video of what she saw on her camera screen and said, ‘Your green Jeep. has just come out.'”

Tanner said he had heard stories of cars being stolen from the parking lot after hours, but he didn’t think someone would come into his parking lot during the day and just drive away. This is a new situation for

He’s also surprised that the woman didn’t try to hide at all in the process. Said there was

“The most common robbery is when people come in at night, find a keybox on display, get the key and leave,” Tanner said. “Well, you’ve heard that this is happening, but when it happens to you, you can’t believe it.

Tanner said he had insurance and wanted the car back. If you have any information, please contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

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