CarMax, Carvana, Vroom won’t air 2023 Super Bowl commercials

Houston-based Vroom ran the ad twice during the Super Bowl. The online retailer caused some controversy in 2021 with a commercial called “Dealership Pain.” In 2022, Bloom aired a commercial reminiscent of musical films, “Flake the Musical.” la la land Tout the seamlessness of selling through online platforms.

In its most recent quarterly report, the three retailers said they will take cost-cutting measures to partially offset the decline in revenue, vehicles sold and profits caused by worsening conditions in the used car market in 2022. showed that

CarMax’s advertising spend was $58.7 million for the three months ended November 30, 2022 (fiscal third quarter). This is approximately 23% lower than spending in the same period last year. Carvana’s advertising spend was $117 million in the third quarter ended September 30, 2022, down approximately 7% from the same period last year. Vroom spent $14.9 million on advertising in the third quarter (which also ended his Sept. 30), down nearly 58% from the same period last year.

CarMax Ranking #1 car news 924,338 used car retail sales in 2021, a list of the top 100 retailers in used car sales. Carvana ranks him second in 2021 with 425,237 used car retail sales. Vroom is number 10 with retail sales of 80,910.

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